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    Streamline Your Candidate Screening Process with the Professional Online Typing Test Creator.

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  • Create Professional Typing Tests Instantly

    Typing Test Pro is an easy-to-use, quick, and customizable typing test maker tailored for your recruitment and training needs. Easily find the best typists from a large group of candidates.

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Get started with your Typing Test

To start the online typing test, we recommend to click the test link given by the company that has requested you to take a test, or use their Account ID or Test ID.


How It Works?

It Takes Just Three Steps to Easily Set up Online Typing Tests


Create a Test

Customize your typing tests instantly with Typing Test Pro. Activate standard tests or create and modify your own.


Invite Test Takers

Simply deliver a test link to the test taker. To learn more about how to create an online test, please see Quick Tour.


Get Reports & Results

View your test results right on your dashboard. You can also filter the results to find the right match.

Effortlessly Create Professional Typing Assessments

Looking to streamline your recruitment process and identify the most skilled typists for your team? TypingTest Pro offers a customizable online assessment tool specifically designed to empower your recruitment efforts. Save time and resources by efficiently evaluating typing speed and accuracy before initiating contact with candidates. Ensure you find the best fit by filtering through a pool of most talented typists in the job market.

  • Effortlessly Create Professional Typing Assessments

    Streamline your recruitment process with TypingTest Pro, the leading platform for crafting customizable online typing tests. In just three simple steps, you can design pre-employment typing assessments that perfectly align with your company's needs.

    Choose from a library of standardized tests or craft your own custom assessments in minutes. Effortlessly invite test takers by sharing a simple link, and access comprehensive results directly on your dashboard. Utilize powerful filtering options to identify the best candidates.

  • Empower Smarter Hiring Decisions

    Gain valuable insights into the typing proficiency of job seekers before initiating contact. TypingTest Pro empowers you to evaluate typing speed and accuracy with ease, allowing you to identify qualified candidates with the essential skills to excel in your organization.

    Enhance your remote candidate screening process by effortlessly sharing an Invite Link and receive reliable data points to inform your hiring decisions.

    Go beyond basic reports: Receive the contact information of passed candidates directly by email, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Easily Assess Typing Skills

    While TypingTest Pro shines in creating pre-employment typing assessments that empower your recruitment process, it extends far beyond the hiring stage.
    Educators can leverage the platform to track student progress and assess typing skill development, fostering a strong foundation for future success. E-learning platforms can seamlessly integrate typing assessments to gauge learner proficiency.
    Organizations can utilize TypingTest Pro to monitor the typing performance of their existing workforce, identifying areas for improvement and fostering a more efficient work environment.

  • Experience the Efficiency of Online Assessment

    TypingTest Pro offers a user-friendly, time-saving, and customizable online solution for all your typing assessment needs. Subscribe, create tests, send invites, view results, and generate reports – all within a single, intuitive platform.

    Personalize the testing experience by displaying your company logo prominently throughout the assessment process. This fosters brand recognition and creates a sense of professionalism for your applicants.

  • Unparalleled Flexibility and Control

    Working with TypingTest Pro is designed to be a breeze, empowering you to create typing assessments that perfectly mirror your specific needs. We go beyond offering a vast selection of pre-written test texts suitable for various industries like business, medical healthcare, law, and technology. We take customization a step further by providing you with the ability to upload your own custom text passages: Craft unique assessments that precisely reflect the type of writing your ideal candidate will encounter in their role. This ensures a more realistic and accurate evaluation of their typing proficiency.
    It's also possible to arrange multilingual tests.

  • Manage Your Tests

    Tailor your typing assessments to match your specific requirements. Modify durations, pass requirements, and maximum attempts to accurately reflect the demands of the role. Ensure candidates are evaluated on relevant typing skills and speed expectations.

    Unlock advanced controls: Take customization a step further by managing options like pass limits, link forwarding, and access codes. Restrict test access to authorized individuals and prevent unauthorized attempts, upholding the integrity of your assessments.

  • Instant Insights and Recognition

    With TypingTest Pro, you receive immediate online access to your typing test results. Eliminate the wait for calculations and reports – gain valuable insights into individual performance, compare progress, and make informed hiring decisions instantly. Choose to share pass/fail status with applicants in real-time or at your discretion. Additionally, enhance the value of the testing process by offering printable certificates and diplomas to candidates.

  • A Legacy of Reliability and Support

    Since 2002, TypingTest Pro (formerly AssessTyping) has proudly served the market, facilitating over 5 million tests and establishing itself as a trusted partner in the recruitment space. With over 3500 licenses sold, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures you receive a reliable and secure solution. Free support for all hiring assessment customers guarantees a smooth user experience, while our focus on continuous development ensures your access to the latest features and functionalities.

  • Seamless Integration for a Streamlined Workflow

    We understand the importance of optimizing your workflow. That's why TypingTest Pro offers robust integration support, allowing you to seamlessly connect the platform with your existing HR systems. Integrate with your applicant tracking systems, HR management software, and other essential tools to say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace automated efficiency.

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  • TypingTest Pro is very user friendly for both the administrator and the user. It has streamlined our typing test process for candidates and does the work for you as the administrator. We are very happy with our decision to use TypingTest Pro.

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    911 Director, Lenawee County Central Dispatch

  • New version looks good!


    Director, Talent Acquisition

  • I like the new format. It's easy to use.


    Missouri Public Service Commission

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